Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Onesie Flower Pot

For Lindy's Sprinkle I grew some onesies! Not really, I did buy a set of five onesies like these cuties:

and then folded them like this:

Then in half again like this:

Then I rolled it from one end to create a "rose" shape and held it tight with a rubber band:

Then, I used chopsticks that I painted green as the stems and stuck them in a orange flower pot filled with styrofoam and moss at all different heights:

To cover the rubber bands I tied on some white rick rack that I had:

(Ummmm if you are sober this picture is clear.. Guess I'm wasted.)

I also then added some faux greenery.. is that taboo?

Nothing this cute could be taboo, could it?

I added some grosgrain ribbon as "leaves" for the onsie rose petals.

Then I wrapped it all up with some ribbon to make it a presentable gift! I had to use iridescent cellophane because I ran out of clear. Man, fake greenery, rubberbands, and now iridescent cellophane? What am I turning into, my mother?? Just kidding Mom, love you!

I added a sweet little gift tag with a Congrats stamp and a glittery "It's a boy!" trinket that I found at Home Goods and then this painted lady was ready to go out for a Sprinkle!

Lindy said it was too pretty to unwrap!! But when she does she will find some cute newborn boy onesies, so cute and practical!

Have y'all seen those diaper cakes? Hummm another cute practical present idea.. I may have to save that one for a future Sprinkle.
Let me know if you have made one before and I'll need a thorough tutorial with that as well, thanks!


  1. This is my favorite post so far! I love the onesie flower pot!

  2. Very cute! And I'm jealous that you have a HomeGoods to shop. We have nothing! Gah! I miss Texas.

  3. I was soooo happy to see that you are a follower of my blog :D I will add you to mine!!! I think the little onesie potted plant is such a great idea! Oh how I love finding cool ideas like this on blogs!

  4. I have a baby shower next weekend, and I think I may attempt this..Thanks for the idea


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