Tuesday, September 1, 2009

French Classy Part Duex!

So the French Classy  bridal shower went off without a hitch tonight and I think all was well! Every one loved the decorations, (more to come later on that), and of course every one LOVED the margaritas! I thought that margaritas would clash with our French Classy theme, but no one, including myself, after two margaritas, seemed to mind that it didn't "go" together!

We had the margarita machine delivered and we mixed up the lime goodness 4 hours before the shower.

Here is my mom mixing up the margaritas:
Then lifting the heavy jug. Then attempting not to spill any while she poured it into the machine!
The margaritas were perfect in time for the shower and my moms friend Kari brought over homemade sangria to pour over top! It was sweet and tart and delicious!
I told myself that I would not buy anything for this shower and use what I had to decorate. Until I came across this beautiful table cloth and eight matching napkins in a perfect white.
I found this beau at an Estate Sale in my neighborhood and it was marked $45.00 for the set. Well one look at the price tag and I walked away. The guy who was running the sale asked me if I would take the set for $10 and I was so excited that I got a runners high from the good deal I just scored!
It is a huge rectangular table cloth that has this really pretty ruffeled, eyelet edging all the way around.
Also the eight napkins that came with the set had the matching eyelet edging on one corner to match.
While I was glowing with my great $10 table cloth deal I spotted this sweet milk glass hobnail vase.
It was marked $15.00 and I practically stole it for only $7.50!
I love the crinkled edging at the top and the creamy white of the vase!
These items are perfect for my French Classy shower! Even though I said I wouldn't buy anything I got these two versatile items because I believe I would use them over and over again for years to come!
I had so much planning and decorating this shower! I will be adding more photos and postings of the shower so stay tuned!
Do you think I made out like a bandit at the Estate Sale or did I completely use the excuse of the shower to continue my collecting (aka hoarding) ways?


  1. I LOVE the eyelet lace tablecloth and napkins!!! And of course the milk glass. I have been looking at eyelet lace tablecloths for awhile and can never find one to fit my table for under $100!

  2. Love that vase! You got a great deal and you can never go wrong with white! You'll use it a million times. :)


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