Wednesday, September 2, 2009

French Classy Part Trois!

I had a great time planning and working my French Classy Shower, so finally without further adieu this is the conclusion.  Something really funny about the French Classy shower is that most of the people showed up in black and white attire. I dont know if they were trying to match the decor or thats just a popular color combo for showers?
These are the bottles of French Lemonade and Orangeade that started the whole thing!

They looked really pretty and perfect in my white beverage tub from Pottery Barn that I already owned.
We also used a glass decanter that my mom had for self serve water with lemons.
Here is the main dining table of desserts, pre-desserts and flowers:
I used lemonheads and black licorice to give a few more punches of black and yellow.
and post desserts and flowers:
mmmm.. crème brulee and mini éclairs:
Here is the built in buffet, pre-dessert: (the frames are holding the shower invite and the bride and groom's save the date card.)
And post dessert with some added confetti scattered,  (left over from the invites):
 The favor for the shower was some yellow lemon scented handmade soaps that said "Thank You" on them.  I got them from Bubbles N Suds Soap Company on Etsy. They feature all natural soaps and body products! They were easy to work with and shipped me my soaps with a tracking number! Check them out!
We played several games at the shower and one of them was "Can you guess how many Lemonheads Are in The Jar"?
(Leave me a comment with your guess and if you are the first to guess correctly I will email you a surprise!)

See my hobnail milk glass vase in action! It looked so cute with yellow sunflowers. I'm so happy with my $7.50 purchase!
Outside we just did simple vases tied with ribbon on linen covered tables. Those sunflowers were a steal, literally. We parked on the side of the road and cut dozens out of an undeveloped field! I think they look so simple and cute and the color was perfect!
Here is the soon-to-be bride and her mom enjoying margaritas, the company, and the unseasonably cool Texas weather!
Notice the lanterns on the umbrella in the background. They were $1.00 each at Michael's in the perfect shade of sunshine yellow!
This is the departing picture of the night!
 The happy bride Mattie, left, my mom, Karla, center, and Linda, the bride's mom, right.
So my French Classy Shower was a huge sucess and the bride (and her mom) loved it! Most of all I realized I can be creative with items I already own! I used several plates, baskets, trays, and Paris themed items from around my house that really added some sparkle to my shower!


  1. The French Classy Shower turned out perfectly. It looked Great! Another successful shower to mark down in your book!

  2. This turned out great! Can you please plan my 30th birthday party? I think Jeff needs some help...;) I'll take a "Lindy is Classy" theme please!

    I love the bright yellow water pitcher with the daiseys. So pretty!

  3. You rock!! A professional planner couldn't have done a better job. :)


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