Monday, September 21, 2009

Mel's House

Our friend Melody bought a house in a historic neighborhood of Dallas. The whole neighborhood including her house and the houses around her are so cute. On our way over to see her we passed many houses that I would love to live in!

Really pretty tudor style brick homes. Check out that chimney and leaded glass!

I love the large porch on the arts and crafts house below. Do you see that stained glass window? Amazing!

And here's Mel's pretty blue house!

I has a beautiful porch, a perfect spot for those two rocking chairs!

Her backyard was equally as cute. A perfect spot in the shade to watch her Great Dane, Napoleon play!

At the back gate there was a vine covered archway that looked like a door to the secret garden.

Inside and outside there were a ton of original details.

 Look at that molding around the doorway. I love the original back door in black against the light blue color.

She has beadboard throughout her bathroom that is also original.

Melody has asked me to help her decorate her house so that is why I am only giving this sneak preview of the interior. She has a ton of details and character to her cute little blue house. I cannot wait to help her in making it her own! More pictures to come of the interior and some before and after shots as well.

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  1. Tell Mel I said congratulations!! It's adorable. :)


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