Friday, September 18, 2009

Labor Day/ Birthday Recap

I had the best birthday and a wonderful Labor day weekend! Since my birthday was the 5th, we decided to head to Canton for the world famous First Monday Trade Days! Which is acres upon acres of flea market booths, craft booths, and antique booths. Plus everything in between!
Online I found the cutest little cabins to stay in for the weekend, that were right across the street from the Trade Days. It was called Mill Creek Ranch Resort and it was so nice and fun! I highly recommend if you are ever in East Texas to stay with them. They were so nice and friendly and helpful! They drove us everywhere on golf carts and shuttled us to the Trade Days.

The cabin we stayed in was so cute! It was surrounded all by big trees and a bubbling creek.

Inside had one queen size bedroom and a loft.

We set up a full size air mattress in the loft. Here it is not yet blown up.

The stairs to get up to the loft were so tiny and cute!

This is the view from the back porch, so peaceful and serene.

Here is the view from the front porch. All of the cabins look differently and are painted cute colors. It kind of reminds me of summer camp bungalows! Instead of bunk beds and dirty floors, inside it is an air conditioned immaculately clean cute little cottage!

When we first arrived, after unpacking and ohhh-ing and awww-ing over everything we filled up our cups with margarita swirls and set out on a nature walk. (If you want the recipe let me know!)

We walked around the many ponds and creeks on the grounds.

Abby found a cool old dead tree that she wanted to climb.

I felt like we were really in the country with these old looking electric poles.

Pretty places with gazebos and arbors everywhere!

Elephant ears and creeks galore! Also a fallen tree that Abby thought she could cross. No way!

At the top of the fallen tree that Abby wanted to use as a bridge was this mushroom covered fern surrounded log. It looks like a gnome house from the Gnome Mobile!

Then on Saturday we went to the Trade Days and I snapped a few shots of cool things I would like to own.

Like this beautiful glitter house that Jessica was also admiring! (No, she's not flipping me off!)

This pretty buffet or sideboard table.
(I think it was $350 though, not bad for a marble top.)

A wall of Ball jars! Plus old canisters, and a vintage washing board! So many uses, I would love to have all of them! (Yes, I am a hoarder.)

A cute old childs tractor. I just love the rust color and the old look of it. At $500 though don't know that I love it that much.

A few things that I do now own: These old vintage wooden sleds, one for me and one for my mom. We are going to use them for Christmas decorating. (They were only $20 each!)

This set of nightstands. Perfect for my room re-do. They were orginally marked $159.99 and we got them for $80! Talk about a bargain, 50% off!

We had a fun and exhausting weekend in Canton and we cannot wait to do it again!


  1. Love the nightstands! So cute! And the cabins are awesome!

  2. Hello fellow Dallasite!
    Just found your blog and love it! I love me some Canton. I haven't been since my twins were born and they're 10 mos. I'm dying to go before it gets too hot!


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