Monday, December 6, 2010

Fancy Frames

Every year I get together with my best friends for a holiday party and gift exchange. Well in the past there are usually different themes to the gifts. This year we are doing the home made, recycled, or green gifts. We do the whole steal the gift from someone else if you want to, it creates some fun and hilarious drama.
I home made my gift and it was super easy.
  • Buttons, different shapes and sizes.
  • Photo Frames- (mine are from Dollar Tree and held a 3x3 photo)
  • Spray Paint- only if you want to change the color of your frames
  • Glue- I used white craft glue.
  • Ribbon for hanging- a large grosgrain ribbon and a small ribbon for the scarf.
  • Scissors
  • Fancy paper or fabric.
  • Tiny twigs for snowman arms.
I forgot to snap a before picture of the front of the frame before I sprayed it silver, it was a washed out brown color. I got one of the back so you can see the color before. It looks good in sparkley silver. Remember! Silver spray paint is my favorite December thing!
After they were spray painted silver:

I then glued some brown grosgrain ribbon on the back to make a hanger.

Then cut out some fancy paper and insert it in the frame and started messing around with my button collection.

I started arranging the buttons to make a snowman and a tree. It was so easy!! The tree had a "star" that was a small rhinestone that I found in my buttons.

 I added twig arms, from my yard, and a scarf to my snowman.

Everything was glued down to the paper with craft glue. This project took in total about 35 minutes. (Probably less for someone else, but I had to keep getting up to yell at the dogs.) Plus they were really inexpensive! I had the majority of the supplies on hand already! Shhhhhh!! Don't tell whoever gets my gift this year!! If you are the recepient of this gift this year I paid One Million Dollars for these!

*UPDATE*- My gift got stolen and stirred up some gift exchange drama!! It was a fun night had by all!

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  1. Sooooo cute!!! I may have to steal this idea from you for next year. :)


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