Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fence After!

Sorry to keep you waiting, but I finally have my pictures uploaded from our beautiful new cedar fence. It smells and looks so good! It took about a week to tear down old fence and install new fence and it was so worth it!

Here is the oil pipe leaning fence before:

And the new straight cedar plank board-on-board after:
And the retaining wall spewing bricks before:
And the new not spewing anything but just a good looking stone wall after:
Our poor neighbors view before:
And now their new view after:
The front of the fence during the process:
And now a pretty new after shot:
The board on board really helps with our dogs not teasing the neighbors dog and also we feel like we have more privacy.
Check out the storm clouds coming this way while I was taking the after shots! I love dark skies!
Hope you enjoyed the before and after photos of our new fence. We really enjoy having it! There were a few bumps in the road, like a few cracked and mis-matched planks, but all were taken care of by Maurice the landscaper! Our neighbors are so jealous and are asking me for his number!
What landscaping projects do you have planned this fall?
More of our fall projects to come, stay tuned!


  1. It's so pretty!! I'm jealous that you can do landscaping. Our choices are limited to what kind of gravel we should put in our front yard. LOL

  2. I also live in Texas and I have to admit that the old fence was a little uglier than most...

    Someone down the street from us built a fence like yours and I am jealous. So I know how you neighbors feel!

    I have a Halloween giveaway this week... come on by and check it out ;)

  3. So pretty. IT looks amazing! The old fence definitely needed to come out. We had a fence like that a long time ago, and some teenager decided to hop it while running from the school or something, and he took the entire fence down as he tried jumping it! That is a true sign the fence needs to come down, or maybe we just needed some of those oil pipes for reinforcement. :-)


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