Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pillow Talk!

On a trip to Home Goods today I found this gorg round graphic pillow. I was immediately in love.

The aqua was awesome and the bold pattern was what I've been looking for! Two left on the clearance shelf. They are big too, about a 2 foot diameter.

Ohhh don't be jealous!!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mums the word!

Mums, a Texas Time honored tradition. I have no idea why, but every year for homecoming high school girls wear mums and the boys wear garters. I had the opportunity to assemble one of these mums Thursday night. It's pretty simple because you buy the pieces at Micheal's and just glue it all together.

I cut ribbons various lengths (the girls like them long). Then just hot glued everything to the back.

We tied cow bells and beads to it and I curled up some ribbon too. People around town charge $55-$80 for these things!! I think mine turned out ok.

Cristina seemed to like it alright except she wasn't too happy with her date, Jared, who was supposed to buy/make it. Oh the high school drama!

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Nora's First!

Alison's daughter Nora had her first birthday last month. It was mermaid themed and check out these cute invites Alison created!

She tied up tiny little sand dollar and/or star fish punch outs with twine around the hand delivered invite!

The inside was really cute too. She glued on some die cuts and printed on vellum. The whole party was "under the sea" inspired! It was so cute!

Great job Alison!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alpha Stamps and Koozies!

I love my Martha Stewart Alpha Stamp Set. I use it all of the time! I make tags with it. See BABY tag here.
I also used it on a wedding gift for Jenna and Tom.

I bought super cute (and inexpensive) foam koozies for beverages. I then stamped BRIDE and GROOM on each one. They turned out great!

I also made a tag for Jenna and Tom to go with the koozies:

I wish the alpha stamp set had numbers in it too.. My handwriting is not so good looking next to the stamps. Ill just have to save up my monies for the numeric set!

Baby Gift!

I havent had time to do a lot of creative projects lately, so when it comes to wrapping presents recently I have unloaded some of that creative energy onto it!

Shannon's baby girl is due soon, so we had a shower to celebrate. I was in charge of wrapping the gift. I wrapped the box in aqua colored tissue paper and used aqua colored ribbon. I also made a tag that I stamped BABY on, because she hasnt decided on a baby name yet. (Is it going to be Payton??)

I found these really cute felt baby bottle and pacifier cut out shapes at the dollar store. They were attached to organza bags that I just cut off. Then I tied the shapes to to the ribbon. There was still some organza left on the shapes so I left it on there for added pretty stuff.

I think the stamped tag is the best part though!
I love my Martha Stewart alpha stamp set!! I use it for everything! I dont buy cards anymore, I just stamp tags!
The pictures dont really do it justice. It turned out really cute, if I do say so myself!