Saturday, December 19, 2009

Nicole's Wreath!

Shannon and her sister Nicole have the wreath making bug! Look at this beautiful one that Nicole made!

This is what Shannon says about her sister's wreath:
She took a Styrofoam circle wreath and covered it in ribbon. Then she took the bulbs and hot glued them on. Also I know she put wire behind the ribbon to hang the wreath with for a little strength. I think this is just FABULOUS! I wish I had done this kind instead. I think I may still do it anyways for next year!

You are right Shan, it does look FAB! Good Job Nicole! Shannon estimated that Nicole spent about $35 on the supplies, but that was before all the ball ornaments went on sale, so we were thinking now we could get it done for $12-$15!!
Thanks ladies for the picture! Check out Shannon's homemade wreath here!


  1. It's gorgeous! After Christmas you could get the supplies 75% off and make the wreath for next year.

  2. Um, awesome! And I was just about to say the same thing as the comment above: I'm going to buy my ornaments after Christmas at 75% off to make one for next year! Yay!!

  3. That wreath is gorgeous! Yep, I agree with the above. Just purchase all your supplies the year before and you will have a very cheap project!


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