Friday, December 4, 2009

The Making of NOEL tags!

If you haven't seen my Holiday Giveaway of these tags check it out here!

To make these tags on your very own all you will need is:

1. Cardstock paper cut to the size of tag you want. (I used scraps I had left over from another project.)
2. Scissors
3. Hole Punch
4. Sharpie (I used silver)
5. Letter Stencil (I have used in many projects and they are inexpensive to buy.)
6. Ribbon to tie them all up.

To start trace and color in the letters spelling out whatever you want on your cardstock. (I did NOEL.)

Then hole punch the top so you can tie with ribbon.

Then tie together and hang wherever you would like!!

Or you can put on apothocary jars like I did with my BOO tags!

Again, if you would have your very own set of NOEL tags, without lifting a finger, check out my Holiday Giveaway!

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