Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Demo Derby!

So after much deliberation and hard work we have decided to stay in our house and rennovate!! We did have it on the market: listing photos here. But now we want to stay and make it our own!

So excited to go home tonight to see the progress on the fireplace demo! I know people are going to read this and think I'm totally insane for demo'ing a fireplace, normally I would agree, but this thing was MASSIVE! We calculated and estimated that we will gain about 50 square feet in the living/dining room when adding in the dead space next to it that wasn't usable. Yes, you read that correct, that's a 5-0, not a 1-5, in square footage! It also will open the living and dining room into one large "open concept" living space. We are also doing other renovations which I'll get into at a later date.

See before of massive, yet charming, yet cluttered, fireplace:

De-cluttered for demo:

Side view:

So huge:

Stay tuned for after photos!

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