Friday, March 11, 2011

Our House!

So it is officially official, our house is on the market. We are planning on staying in the same city, close to my parents,  but looking to get into something a little larger.

Riann's sister Dana has a panorama camera and came over last night to take pictures. They turned out good and that camera is so cool! I want one! Here's a few photos of what we captured! They are so cool! I can't imagine how cool of a picture it would be if it was something more scenic!

Front of the house.

Living Room

Kitchen/Dining Room

Another one of Kitchen/Dining

Hall Bathroom. You get to see a little bit of the striped paint.

Master Bedroom (Where's Waldo, Im in this pic!)

2nd Bedroom

We have a open house this Sunday!! Let me know if you live in DFW and are interested in seeing it!!

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