Friday, November 13, 2009

Honeycomb Cards!

*** Sorry for the delay in posts! I was having some issues with my storage, but I have now purchased additional storage so I shouldn't have that problem again!***

While at Big Lots today, a couple of days ago now. (Yes I spend my lunch hour there sometimes) I saw these honeycomb card kits from Martha Stewart! They were $2.00! Yes, $2.00 to make FOUR cards! That's $0.50 cents each, you can't buy cards for $0.50 each, let alone cute Martha Stewart cards!!! So you can imagine that I was excited, estatic, and scared beyond belief! Scared because I wanted to buy the store out of them, but I refrained my hoarding, and only purchase two kits. No not the six kits that I initally had in my hand. OH and it was for a reason because it just so happens that a certain sister of mine is celebrating her 21st Birthday this week!

Yes, it was $2 freaking dollars! See I told you!

Cards in bright greens, blues, coral pinks, and lavendar!

It also came with all these colorful stickers and the honeycombs of course!

So I created my sisters card, and I added a 21st after "It's your". I didnt show it though because I write like a fourth grader.

Then on the inside I picked the cupcake honeycomb, some sprinkle stickers, and a candle!

It is so cute and I cannot wait to make more!!

Check out Big Lots to get your honeycomb card kit! I love mine!

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