Saturday, September 24, 2011

Home Stretch!

Wood floors are down, TV is up! Here's some before, during, and after pics!
Closet before:

Closet extension framing during:

Closet/TV niche dry wall during:

Closet/TV niche painted after:


Chair rail, new paint, hung TV complete with wireless remote receptor thingy! All TV components are inside the closet. Oh and I promise you that the TV is centered exactly equally within the niche from left to right!! This picture doesn't look that way, but you better believe that it is. I measured it about 8 times and it's exact. The vertical measurement is a little off but I could care less about that.

Before, boring old coat closet again:

And after, larger, closet TV niche combo, again:


Amazing!! This really makes a difference in the living room. Not only will we have more space, but it looks sooooo cool and modern!!

Also seen in this after photo you get a sneak peek of the new floors here in the after shot. More to come on that later!
- Swiss Avenue

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