Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hallmark Hallway!

I am totally obsessed with our updated hallway! We are so excited about our open living and dining room too, but this hallway has had a dramatic facelift. I apologize in advance that I dont have a complete hallway before picture! Im my defense I didnt know I would be so happy and excited about the hallway enough to do a whole blog posting about it!
Before; 1980's globe hall light fixture:

Before; 1980's parquet flooring:

And more before; carpet, chipped baseboards, and parquet:

After; new industrial light, wood floors and tall fresh painted baseboards:

Also notice paint color change and white painted doors!
1980's before:

Updated after:

I'm obsessed! It's still 1 single light but much brighter and more beautiful!

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  1. Nice and fresh looking. I love the new flooring.


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