Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kissing Balls!

For Jenna's Wedding this past Memorial Day weekend I made kissing balls among other items.
Jenna wanted to order these kissing balls off etsy:

At the time of ordering they were $20 each. (Right now they are on sale 50% off). Well I couldnt swallow that price. I knew I could make them for much less than $20 plus shipping each! So I thought using plastic bead necklaces, and wrapping around 4" styrofoam balls may work!
I hot glued the strands of mardi gras beads. (Which I cut first to make it one continuous piece.)

Then I punched a hole it it at one end with a phillips head screwdriver so I would be able to fill it with hot glue and insert a 30 gage wire:

Then I hung the wire from a broom stick so I could easily spray paint each ball (they do drip a lot!):

I then tied ribbon to the wires and cut the wires off as short as I could with out unwinding:

I tied two knots at the top and made robin's tales with the ends of the ribbon.

They looked really good out on the white ceremony chairs:

The ceremony site was really pretty:

 If you look closely you can see the balls hanging at the end of the three rows. I estimate that Jenna and I spent $20 total making these 6 kissing balls. Not bad at about $3.33 each!

 The wedding was beautiful. Congrats Tom and Jenna!

 Stay tuned for the centerpices and other things related to Jenna's wedding!


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