Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oxford Shirt Pillows

I made pillows for my friends out of some of their dads oxford button down shirts.

I cut out the pockets then attached them to the front of some cotton houndstooth fabric.

Then I used the back of the shirt and sewed some cording for the edge of the fabric.

Then I sewed all the pieces together.

See the cording? I used the shirt fabric for the back of the pillow too.

Then I stuffed it with pillow stuffing.

I cut off the button placket and tied it around the pillow as a ribbon for Megan. I had that cardboard M at the house and thought it would look cute as the "gift tag".

It seemed like there were a lot more steps as I was doing it but that was pretty much it! (Jenna, yours is coming soon!)


  1. I love this project, what a great way to recycle memories :)

  2. Cute!!
    You're totally going to teach me how to use a sewing machine. Bc I want one but don't see the point in buying one until I have someone to tell me how to do it without sewing my fingers to the curtain/blanket/jeans I'm hemming. LOL

  3. What a great idea! A special keepsake, indeed.

  4. oooooo, is there anything more lovely than a comfortable shirt???

    xoxo Agnes


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