Sunday, October 11, 2009

River Rockin' Out!

I decided to finally tear out all the weeds in my back yard flower bed and pour in pretty new river rocks in their place. The rocks are providing the double duty action of looking cool and blocking out future weeds. In my nit witty head I envisioned pretty stone beds with ornate flowers and plants equally placed at exactly four inches apart.

Photo courtsey of: Shed Style

I also saw pretty contrast of cool gray rocks against lively and vibrant green plants.

Photo courtsey of: Silk-Flower-Smart

A place where there were no weeds or unsightlys in sight.

Photo courtsey of: Shed Style

 I worked tirelessly for five hours last Sunday. I cut weed blocker tarp into  intricate shapes and sizes to go around the existing plants. I made a trip to Home Depot where I hauled twelve heavy bags of river rock, (I guess I should say Riann hauled them, but I was there cheering her on) off the shelf, into the car, then out to the back yard. I made very good progress in those five hours, silly me I thought it would only take one! Nit wit I know! I did make a muddy mess but it's all cleaned up now! So after all that then I finally realized I actually needed fifteen heavy bags of river rock, not twelve, so I quit. Role model I know, but it was getting late, Home Depot was closed and I was oh-so-sore.

Stay tuned for my before and after shots of my Rockin' River Rock Flower Bed with no weeds. It may take me a while to get it posted because I have come to realize that I strained my hamstring during my five hour river rock romp. So it is going to take me a while to put the extra three bags of rocks out. Epsom salt baths every night and I'll be back out there this weekend, I swear!


  1. Um, good luck with that. We had a river rock bed and it eventually became as weedy as everything else. :)

    Will get the cookie recipe posted when I get back home.


  2. Your garden looks fantastic. You did a great job. Beautiful photos...maybe it will inspire me to finish up my beds. I just planted a bunch of flowers that I thought were deer resistant...until the next day when I found dirt and leaves scattered around the yard and no flowers in sight. I will be following you...

    Holly @ 504 Main


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