Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Light Bright, Light Brite!

My friend Jen and her husband Wayne had a question about putting a light fixture in her dining room. I'm no professional but I love to help on house things whenever I can!

Here is her email:
"I wanted your opinion. We are desperately in need of a light fixture for our dining space. Besides the fact that the existing light is U.G.L.Y., if we get that San Antonio job, we'll need to sell the house and a chandelier/pendant/whatever will help a lot with staging. The problem is, I need it to be fairly inexpensive and I can't find anything that Wayne and I both agree on. He wants something simple, cheap and able to go very bright - I want something a little funky but neutral enough that it will appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers. Any ideas?? (Our fridge is stainless steel but the fixture in the family room is oil rubbed bronze. So a silvery finish OR a rubbed bronze finish will work.) Our dining room table is 4 1/2 ft in diameter, if that helps size-wise.

Thanks for all your help!! :)"

Here are Jen's photos of her dining room and current dining room light fixture. (The matching light fixture farther in the back of the photo has since been replaced with an oil rubbed bronze fan and light.)

 I'm all too familiar with this light, I have one in my house too...

So I scoured lighting fixtures and found some really great, inexpensive pieces online. Some places that I didn't expect would have some like Wal-Mart and Ikea, did have some good and stylish options! So I put together a mood board of light fixtures I found.

(Photo and Light Sources: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7)

So to break it down: Jen asked for a lil' funky but neutral. Wayne wanted function over form. I really hope I "set the mood" for them. Well umm, not in that way, but with finding a light fixture.

Jen said that her favorite was #2 and that was my favorite too. It was found on ebay of all things. So I think I inspired her to do some looking on her own and she found one at Overstock.com!

I think it will be perfect for her dining room!

(photo source: Overstock)

Jen, I can't wait to see the after pictures after you get it hung!! It is perfect! Thanks for letting me help you! It was fun!! Please check out Jen's blog: Call Me Crazy! You will die laughing/crying/ and relating!


  1. Thanks, Alyssa!! We'd never have even looked at the square one if you hadn't found the others. :) I'll definitely send you a pic when it's done so you can post it here!

  2. I have a light that matches (it will go soon!) if anyone needs it. Love the ideas for the new light and the final selection...very chic!
    Holly @ 504 Main

  3. i think #2 will be a good fit.


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