Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Blog World, hold on to your britches because here I come! Love, Swiss Avenue

My obsession has led me to this point. I am going blind from reading the blogs that I so dearly love. I have a sore neck and back from intently studying the before and after photos from Young House Love, the great flea market finds from The Lettered Cottage, the plain as day common sense on 2000 Dollar Wedding, and the hilarious commentary on The Broke Ass Bride, just to name a few.

These blogs amuse me, inspire me, make my day happy, and give me a 25,000 watt jolt of creative energy. I had to give credit where credit is due and include the names of those INSPIRATIONAL blogs that gave me the kick in the blogger butt that I needed. That blogger butt kick was felt with so much force that I am now writing this blog.

In my ridiculous, obsessive, and (dare I say that devils word?) "hoarder" head, I believe that this blog will give me that creative outlet needed in my day to day life. Here you will read about real life event planning; for friends, family members, and people I barely know! I am willing to throw a party for anyone to celebrate anything! I am the ultimate evite queen and love to create invitations, evites, themes, and decor for parties, showers, tailgating, and just about anything that you can call a "gatherin’."

But my obsessions don’t stop there. I'm just getting started! I also search flea markets, antique stores, estate sales, and ebay for one of a kind (inexpensive) antiques and collectibles (aka junk) that I can get my hands on. My head spins and my knees go weak when I see Depression Glass goblets marked for only $1.00 each?! Oh my, I'll take 10!!!
(Insert devil's word here: hoarder.)

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  1. I can imagine the "hoardes" of people that are going to fall in love with your blog, too! Can't wait to read more...


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