Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oxford Shirt Pillows

I made pillows for my friends out of some of their dads oxford button down shirts.

I cut out the pockets then attached them to the front of some cotton houndstooth fabric.

Then I used the back of the shirt and sewed some cording for the edge of the fabric.

Then I sewed all the pieces together.

See the cording? I used the shirt fabric for the back of the pillow too.

Then I stuffed it with pillow stuffing.

I cut off the button placket and tied it around the pillow as a ribbon for Megan. I had that cardboard M at the house and thought it would look cute as the "gift tag".

It seemed like there were a lot more steps as I was doing it but that was pretty much it! (Jenna, yours is coming soon!)


It has been a crazy couple of weeks and I have been way behind on my postings! Just wanted to share a few pictures of the dogs on Christmas morning!

This is Tate all excited and freaking about her new bandanna and purple blanket.

And here they are sleeping together on the floor with their matching bandannas!

Hope everyone had the happiest of holidays! I'm still crazy right now, so talk to you soon!