Thursday, August 12, 2010

Un-VAMPED Guest Room!

My guest room was dark like a VAMPIRE's Lair. It had all the un-dead's desires; dark leather and wood furniture, a dark red quilt that had little bite marks on the corner, (Not a vampire's but a dog's.)

Here is a shot of before, Vampire's Inn:

Dark and boring for the living.

Well I thought when I travel and stay at a friends house I always feel more comfortable if there is a nice guest room to retreat to at the end of the day. So when we had guests a while back I realized beforehand that I DON'T have that. I have a cave fit for Sookie and Bill. So I set my sights on brightening and exercising the demons.
Cheerful and bright after:

I placed some artwork that I had painted a couple of years back, originally for over the fireplace, up over the bed. I eventually hung that picture a couple of inches above the headboard and didnt just leave it sitting on top of it. I wasnt looking to spend even $100 on this so this was all done with recyling and re using a lot of things I already owned. I did purchase a few things to which I will tally up below.

With the additions of white and soft blue colors, it made a major transformation from dark and dreary to crisp and comfortable.

Total spent on the re-vamping, or un-vamping, or whatever:
2 new fluffy pillows: $6.00 Wal-Mart

1 Blue quilted throw pillow: $4.00 Home Goods

1 White subtle striped comforter: $30.00 Home Goods

1 Quilted pillow sham: $7.00 Home Goods (There was only 1 there or else I would have gotten 2!)

2 white 300-count pillow cases: $8.00 Home Goods

1 Blue throw blanket: $20.00 Home Goods

2 Brown and blue striped pillows: Free! Previously owned

1 Set blue sheets: Free! Previously owned.

2 Pieces of artwork: Free! Painted myself and previously owned.

Furniture: Free! Previously owned in my vampire phase.

3 Blue mercury glass candle cups on bedside table: Free! Previously owned!

1 Everyday Reading Bible on bedside table: Free, incase we have to use it for an exorcism.

Grand Total: $75.00


  1. I can personally attest to the calm comfort of this guest room!!! I seriously slept better in that bed, with that bedding, than I do in my own bed. (We won't discuss whether or not that in anyway is attributed to the fact that my snore-rific hubby was not visiting with me.)
    However... when I saw the title of your blog, my heart skipped a beat and I excitedly thought you'd redone the guest room since my visit because if you ever do... I.WANT.THOSE.PILLOWS. And the throw. And the painting. And possibly even the comforter. So... yeah. Dibs!! ;)

  2. Wow! I love the transformation. And I can't believe it only cost $75.00! Good job!

  3. wow, that is a great makeover. I'm loving the colors, especially your blog design


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